Friday, August 8, 2014

Award Winning Pouches at Dixon's Gun Fair by Jim Pease, Karen Pease and Chuck Brownewell

My pouch and southern banded horn was one of the winners in horn and bag competition. The bag is horse hair with antler tip and horn bands. My wife Karen Pease made the Pennsylvania German  fowler bag. I was one of the winners in the bag category. Chuck Brownewell was a winner in the misc category with a reproduction of an original cartridge bag. The pictures show his bag and the original. 

Also Chuck was the featured artist this year with a display of his work at Dixons. Chucks has tin tubes for the cartridge. The original has a  military inscription inside the flap, he was trying to find out about the soldier, I don't have the information now but I believe he was in the 14th Virginia. 

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