Friday, October 11, 2013

Slat Style Quillwork Knife Case by Josh Brevik

Photo supplied by Eli Motsey.


  1. Hi Art and Jan. A question for you. How do you feel about photos of the work you share here on the blog showing up on people's Pinterest boards (linked back to these posts, of course)? Pro: they are viewed by a wider audience, the artists and makers are brought to the attention of that wider audience, and traffic to this blog could increase. Con: possible photo copyright issues and the wishes of each artist/maker would likely vary on the subject. I'd value your thoughts.

  2. Lori, Whenever you post anything on the web it is there for everyone to copy. We have long been aware that our photos are out there. When they are on Pinterest boards they are referenced back to the blog. We are happy that the artist are given additional exposure. We give credit to the source when we use photos that are not our own on the blog. The copyright is owned by the photographer. Most of our friends ask if they can use our photos on their web sites which we allow if we are given credit. What hurst is when they are used and we are not asked nor given credit. I keep all my photos at 72 dpi so they can not be used for print unless we are asked. We are happy when our photos are printed, taken to shows and given to an artist with the request for an item to be made. So when friends are able to make sales because of photos on the blog then we have done a good thing. Thanks for looking at the blog and for leaving comments. Jan