Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bob Reader Rifle for Larry Fialkowskiaa

This rifle was built for Larry Fialkowski by his Uncle Bob Reader
Gun # 10. Built n 2009
Stock is premium curly maple from Dunlap Wood Crafts
Barrell is .50 cal. 42 inch octagon from Green Mt. Barrel Works
Lock is from Bud Silar. Butt plate and trigger guard are purchased was castings.
Powder Horn by Derek Pritchard
All other components are made by Bob from sheet brass and sterling silver.
The carving and engraving designs are my interpretation of traditional work done in the 1785 to 1810 era.

I got interested in ML shooting in the 1960s and have been an off and on builder since then.

The Lancaster rifle gun pictured is an interpetation of my imagination and whatever I could glean from books so may not be PC HC.

The gun was done for a nephew so it comes in an oak case. The only things that I did not build for the case is the powder horn, ball mould & handles. All the rest of the acessortes are made my me. The barrel, lock, trigger guard and butt plate are purchased items. Trigger, thimbles, inlays and patch box are all made from sheet brass and sterling silver.

Copy and photos supplied by Bob Reader.

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