Wednesday, April 25, 2012

2nd Annual West Coast Horn Fair

The 2nd Annual West Coast Horn Fair is Friday, April 27th and Saturday, April 26th. It is being held at Veterans Hall in Morro Bay, CA.

Some of the scheduled talks include Period Correct Scrimshaw by Steve Vance, Special Tools by Steve Skillman, Building a Blowing Horn by John Schorb, Period Correct Horn Repair by Steve Vance, Powder Horn Design, The Golden Means and how it pertains to powder horn design by Scott Morrison and books pertaining to Horn work by Jim Hayden. There will be Round Table Discussions on horn finishes and how to fix mistakes. The show ends with a banquet and the awarding of ribbons and raffle prizes.

This Black Horn Box was donated by John deWald and is a raffle prize for the West Coast Horn Fair.

The horn is naturally black and the ends are cherry wood. The pull is antler. John deWald, known as SauVage, hangs out on The Horners Bench. He calls it his “black-cherry box.”

John added some very personal touches to make this item even more desirable for the upcoming winner.

Photos and copy supplied by John Shorb of PowderHorns and More.

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