Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Segesser Hides

The Segesser Hides The hides were possibly painted by Nicolas Jiron de Tejeda, a painter and presidial soldier who was a member of the Segesser expedition. The hides were acquired in Sonora, Mexico between 1732 and 1758 by a Jesuit priest, Philipp von Segesser von Brunegg, from a family in Anazas who were prominent in New Mexico and the Sonoran village where Father Segesser's mission was located. In 1758 the hides were sent by Father Segesser to his family in Switzerland.

Segesser I represents a series of expeditions from New Mexico to the Plains from 1693-1719.

The hides are believed to be painted on bison with indigo dye and paints made from natural materials such as red and yellow clay, and minerals for the green and black.

Segesser II depicts a 1720 expedition by the Spanish to drive out French traders.

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