Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jon Moran

A Swampfox knife is one the front of the bag and a flint strikers on the far left peeking out from behind the horn strap. Staples were used on the horn to repeat the hammered iron ones with the twist that is one the knife and striker.

The worm and puller were made with brass balls suitable for a .50 caliber. The ball keeps the screw centered so it hits the bullet in the center instead of going between the ball and the wall of the barrel.

The horn unscrews at the joint. The end plug is cherry wood. The spout plug is made from a cow bone. The sun and test are on the opposite side of the snake's head, in a large open place that was left after I did the diamondback. J.M.

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  1. Jon

    I would like to have a worm and puller. Can you call me at 870 390 6373 or e-mail me at jmwilson at outgun dot com.