Monday, July 7, 2008

Rich McDonald Knives

Antler Handle Rifleman's Knife.

Hickory Handle Dagger.

Osage Orange Handle.

French Trade Knife.

I put together my first kit muzzleloader at age 13 and spent my childhood hunting and doing a bit of trapping and fishing. After graduating from high school I went on to a career as a farrier/blacksmith. I started forging knives and tomahawks in 1994 and I am today a full time Bladesmith. My wife Jeanne does all of my sheath work and she also creates hunting pouches, haversacks and many other muzzleloading accouterments. In addition to knives and hawks I also make powder horns and other accouterments and even the occasional rifle. All of my knives are forged from carbon steel and they are given a differential heat treatment. What this means is, you end up with a knife that is very strong, holds an edge very well and yet it is easy to resharpen due the fine grain structure of the edge. I like to age all my knives and hawks to give them a warm mellow patina. R.M.

Photos supplied by Rich McDonald.

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