Monday, January 8, 2024

Powder Horns by Art DeCamp

Art will be at the Alabama Kentucky Rifle Show.

Tennessee Style Horn Screw-tip Horn with Two Bands and Screw-out Button

This authentic powder horn is patterned after Horn TE-15 in "Bone-tipped & Banded Horns - Volume II.  Jay Hopkins believes these horns have a connection to Tennessee as several have been found with ties to the eastern half of that state.  It has been lightly "aged" with a nice light yellowish body with two applied bands.  The one-piece screw-tip is the "rattle snake" turning.  The tip can be reversed to act as a funnel when filling the horn.  The maple butt is hollowed inside and at the top to allow the threaded horn button for strap attachment to also be removed for filling the horn.  These original horns have very good quality turning and threading which I have carefully replicated. They utilized special iron nails for the attachment of the butt that had the nail heads clad with thin brass caps.  This horn has these historically "correct" attachment nails.

The horn measures 12-1/4" across and 2-3/8" diameter at the butt.  It has nice curve and twist.

Copy and photography added by Art DeCamp.

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