Friday, November 18, 2022

1758-1774 North Carolina Powder Horn by Folksy Artist from the MESDA Collection


Hand carved powder horn with turned wooden cap and funnel or spout; these appear to be from two different types of wood. The horn is engraved with several designs and dates: “1758 SH 1774” followed by a lion bodied king with crown, a unicorn, birds and various other animal forms.

Information from lender: According to family tradition this horn belonged to the donors great, great, great grandfather, Captain Robert Hicks, a Revolutionary War soldier. The initials on the horn are S.H., which would have been the initials of Sarah (Raven) Hicks. The origin of the Hicks family supports this notion.

On the 11th of November, 1621, the ship Fortune arrived in Plymouth, Massachusetts, from London. On the Fortune was Robert Hicks, ancestor of the Hicks family in America. Robert Hicks’ father was James Hicks who was lineally descended from Ellis Hicks, knighted by Prince Edward for bravery in capturing a set of colors from the French at the battle of Poretiers, September 9, 1356. Captain Robert Hicks was a direct descendeant of the Hicks that arrived in America on the Fortune. Hicks settled originally in Massachusetts and Long Island and then became first Hicks to move to the south.

Copy and photography from MESDA here.

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  1. Steve Hicks here. Thomas Sidney Hicks came to Jamestown in late 1600’s. Our decendent. My grandfather, born 1879 Madisonville , Tex. Spent life in San Antonio.


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