Thursday, August 11, 2022

CLF 2022 Auction: Powder Horn and Strap by Henry and Dianna Bowman


The powder-horn is based upon the professionally-made 4th generation York County, Pennsylvania powder-horns of the very early 1800s. The characteristics found on this horn and common to 4th generation York’s horns, include concentric grooves at butt and spout, fruit wood butt (cherry in this horn) with rope carving and Greek key carving, and a removable turned horn screw tip (this one has the "beehive" style) that can be used as a filling funnel.

The incised engravings include truncated text from the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in handwriting script and clerk's (calligrapher's) title case in the style found in the same time period as the 4th generation York powder-horns. Atop the text is a flourish and below are a pair of crossed flintlock rifles.

The strap is inkle-loomed cotton. The pattern is loosely based upon colors and patterns of extant straps of the same timeframe. It is 47" long in the web with an additional 12" of fringe at each end.

Henry Bowman is a Journeyman Horner in the Honorable Company of Horners. Dianna, his wife, has been weaving on an inkle loom which she learned at the last Dixon's Gun Fair. Henry and Dianna appear at various shows and look forward to seeing everyone at this year's CLA show.

Henry and Dianna Bowman can be contacted via e-mail at:  hbowman@hughes.Net 

Text by Henry Bowman

Photography by David Wright

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