Monday, February 4, 2019

Muzzleloader Magazine

Jason Gatliff is normally at the Lake Cumberland Show. There is an article in the January/February 2019 issue of Muzzleloader about the 25 years of the Lake Cumberland Kentucky Rifle Show this weekend which was written by Mike Mills. 

ON THE COVER: Detail from Almost Quiet, an original oil painting by John Buxton.

3 Letters from Our Readers
5 People to Watch — Jason W. Gatliff
9 Doin’ It Yourself Making Up a Small Hunting Sword — T. C. Albert
17 Shooting the Bull The Practical Popper — Mike Nesbitt
25 Cache of the Hollow Tree A Stitch in Time — Tony Hunter
35 Dispatches from New England January Thaw — Vincent C. Spiotti
44 Portals in Time In and out of Time Part IV: Final—In the Footprints of Kenton and Boone — Mark Sage
55 On the Game Trail The Wedge—A Novice Elk Hunter’s True Story of High Adventure — Jason Lenz
60 Student, Teacher, Maker: Art DeCamp — Eric Ewing
77 The Comanche Lance Part II: The Weapon — Fred Stutzenberger
84 From Humble Beginnings—25 Years of Friendship and Learning—The Lake Cumberland Kentucky Rifle Show — Mike Mills
91 Unscrewing Some of the Mysteries of a Screw Tip Horn—A Simple Way to Make a Screw Tip Powder Horn— Fred Lipp
100 2019 Alamo Symposium—A Gathering to Remember — Gary L. Foreman
109 Classified Ads
111 Index of Display Advertisers
112 For the Bookshelf

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