Thursday, November 29, 2018

The Robert Weil Collection: Sale Items

Antique European holster pistol c. 1750
Full working order. $720+shipping

Billy Griner Powder Horn with a Hicks & Lathem Pouch
The horn measures 11 plus inches on the outside curve. The bag measures 8 inches at its widest by 11 inches deep. The bag is lined and their is an external pouch on the back. The flap is bark tan. 
$240. plus $20. shipping in the continental USA.

Bundle No. 5
ALR pin, linen bag, tableware, wooden container, leather container, repaired container. 

Ken Scott Haversack
Bag measures 10.75 inches wide by 13 inches deep. The flap is bark tan secured by a copper button. The body is aged newly made coverlet. Leather strap with an iron buckle. 

Hunting Pouch
Nicely made bag measures 7.5 inches wide by 9 inches deep. 
Button closure. Interior pocket. Forged iron buckle. 

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