Tuesday, September 12, 2017

2017 CLA Show: Photos of Mike Mills Display

Flintlock Smoothbores
Bags and Accoutrements

This is an early Philadelphia Screw-tip Powder horn by master maker Art DeCamp with outstanding quilled powder horn strap with leather edge wrap and back by Lally House.

Beautiful early Hunting Pouch made of high grade soft leather by Ron Scott.  This pleated front bag has easy access and is large enough to comfortably store all the supplies needed for a Smoothbore.

Fine English style 16 gauge Smoothbore with a 36 octagon to round barrel was made by Ron Ehlert.  The relief carving around the tang and detailed engraving are the highest English quality.  “Deuce”, as this smoothbore is called, obtained its name after taking two turkeys, two years in a row.

Beautiful 20 gauge Double Barrel Smoothbore made by Dale Meyers.  It is stocked with American walnut with 31 inch barrels.

1760-1770 Smooth Rifle made by Mike Mills.  This smoothbore is a 12 gauage and has a 46 inch barrel.  It has been named “Old Turkey” and is the makers personal hunting gun.  It received its name by taking all five of the Turkeys the hammer has fallen on.

Outstanding Manton 16 gauge Double Barrel Smoothbore made by Chuck Edwards.  This smoothbore is stocked with figured English walnut and has 36 inch barrels.  All of the parts are hand forged and engraved by Chuck in high quality English engraving.

This 20 gauge half-stock smoothbore is an example of a fine English sporting gun that was made in America around 1800-1815.  It is stocked with American walnut and has a 44 inch octagon to round barrel.  This is an example of a fine “Gentleman’s Sporting Arm” made by Charlie Wallingford.

Large early York style Map Horn by John Plybon.  This style and large horn carried enough powder required for an extended stay in the wilderness or on a Colonial campaign.

Beautiful early Double Pouch was made of near and cow leather by John Plybon.  The woven strap has an attached Damascus knife made by Charlie Wallingford.  The double pouch was a common design used because of its easy access and ample storage.

Photographed at the 2017 CLA Show by Jan Riser.

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