Saturday, September 5, 2015

2015 CLA Show: Photos

By Bob Roughton

“Count Your Blessings”

Robert Harn – Best noted for his iron work, which can be seen on this early Virginia piece. The silver cheek inlay features the famous Revolutionary War imperative “Join or Die.” Barrel 44” Cal .58

Allen Martin – This is a nice copy of the Johanes Farber Rifle. Famous for its family history from the Valley, and possible usage in several wars. Barrel 42” Cal. 60

Mike Gahagan – A nice copy of the famous Brass Barrel Rifle. Although of unknown origin and strong Germanic influence, there is speculation the builder migrated south, as several brass barrels have turned up here. Barrel 46” Cal .50

M. Keller – This iron mounted Valley Gun has 24 silver inlays,, and lots of wire work. It’s also nicely aged. Barrel 44 3/8” Cal .40

Wallace Gusler – This finely crafted and wonderfully carved rifle is dated 1970, at Williamsburg. It also sports a unique door opening mechanism. Barrel 43 7/8” Cal 60.

Wallace Gusler – This is a composite of various Virginia features in on of his mosr beautiful creations. Built in Williamsburg and dated 1968, an early gem. Barrel 43 1/2” Cal .42

Mark Wheland – This is an excellent copy of the famous “Klette” Rifle from Central Virginia, showing details not normally seen. Barrel 43 1/2” Cal .54

Frank House – This iron mounted Valley Gun has 30 silver inlays. It is well executed and detailed with Frank’s aging, it has a real look about it. Barrel 42” Cal .32

James Klein – This is a copy of an original Valley Rifle with some added embellishments. Pictured in Whisker Book II, p. 201. Barrel 42” Cal. 45

Ian Pratt – This is a nicely done Valley gun in iron with six silver inlays and silver wire. It sports an unusual double base front sight. Barrel 45 3/8” Cal .45

Bob at his display

Mike Gahagan – The Davidson rifle. This is a very nice copy of the Famous Davidson Rifle from the James River Basin School. 45” Barrel, Cal .45

Mark Silver – Built as his person HuntingRifle, this Ro County example is extremely well done. Sports a case hardened lock and charcoal blue barrel. 43 3/4” Barrel, Cal .58

Wallace Gusler – This ALL hand Forged Rifle in the early Virginia Design is one of his early works. It is a desirable creation. He even felled the tree for the stock. 41 1/8” Barrel, Cal .53

Chuck Edwards/Mike McHugh – This iron mounted Virginia Rifle is my shooter, and it took the skills of both builders to arrive at the finished product you see here. 44” Barrel. Cal .50

Robert harn – This cute little Virginia Rifle was made by Bob as an early valley gun with a flower on the wrist a la Brass Barrel rifle, circa 1985. 42” Barrel, Cal .50

 Photographed at the 2015 CLA Show by Jan Riser.


  1. Great photos of a great collection of outstanding contemporary rifles. I enjoyed seeing them at the show and reading the details in your post.
    Thanks for posting and for displaying, both require some effort!
    Thanks, heinz

  2. Great display of a collection of outdstanding contemporary pieces. I enjoyed seeing it at the show. Thanks for sharing it


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