Sunday, September 28, 2014

Art DeCamp Goblet for Eric Fleisher and His Bride, Ann

The goblet was made for well-known hunting pouch maker Eric Fleisher who is getting married this coming Sunday.  He asked me to make a "special" horn cup for him to surprise his wife-to-be with.
Included in the engraving on the goblet is a double distelfink design over the wedding date, with the first names "Ann" and "Eric" above.  The distelfinks (or lovebirds) are surrounded by a vine and leaf design that was polychormed with ferric nitrate.  One the back of the goblet is a hex sign with red hearts signifying love and miniaturized in the hex sign are Eric and Ann's favorite motiffs, the Lehigh Tamany figure and a pineapple.

Eric and Ann's wedding day is Sunday, September 28, 2014. Congratulations and Best Wishes!

Copy and photos supplied by Art DeCamp.

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  1. Wonderful piece for a talented maker and his new wife. Congrats
    Eric Ewing


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