Saturday, June 14, 2014

Cowan's Auction Item: Fire Bucket From the USS Independence, Ca War of 1812

Leather fire bucket from the USS Independence, ca 1812-1816, on which David Farragut served as a midshipmen from April to December of 1815. Stamped on bottom USNY / Boston. 16 in. high with handle, 9 in. dia. Launched at the Boston Navy Yard in June 1814, the USSIndependence, originally a ship of the line and the first to be commissioned by the US Navy, was the 90-gun flagship of Commodore William Bainbridge's squadron, under the command of Captain William Crane. On April 12, 1815, Farragut was assigned by Captain Crane to serve as his aide, and while in this position, Farragut became thoroughly familiar with every part of the ship. During his eight months aboard theIndependence, Farragut also developed a life-long friendship with surgeon's mate, Dr. Solomon Townsend.

 The Paul DeHaan Collection of Items Related to Admiral D.G. Farragut and the USS Hartford


Est $1500 - $2500

Copy and photos from Cowan's Auction.

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