Saturday, November 23, 2013

Knife by Elijah Froedge

My name is a Elijah Froedge, I am 30 years of age and from west central Indiana. I joined the CLA this past year and thoroughly enjoyed my first experience of the CLA show  in August. I met many good and patient people that took the time with me and explained many questions I had. (Ian Pratt and Tim Crosby especially) . I have always loved the culture and people that are acquainted with such historical ,and artistic personalities. I live not to far from Jerry Eitner and Curt Hogland , they have been a huge help and mentors for me. Jerry went through the whole build from start to finish of a iron mounted rifle with me. We worked from his shop through last fall and winter in the evening's. I just can't say enough good about that man. I have now finished my third rifle. I am learning new things with every one I build and enjoy every minute of it.

The knife is made of 1084 forged by me.

Copy and photos supplied by Elijah Froedge.


  1. Just a word about my student Elijah. He is a fine young man and a good student. He will be a vary good knife and gun maker.
    I would like to thank all of the people that took the time to talk to and show Elijah around at the CLA show. Thanks to all of you . You are helping Elijah just like you have helped me
    Jerry Eitnier
    Eitnier Rifles
    Iron Mounted Southern Guns

  2. Elijah, that is a fine looking knife. You have a good teacher.