Monday, September 19, 2011

Wallace Gusler in "Gunsmith of Williamsburg"

This was the Hunting Shirt that Wallace Gusler wore in the Movie- Gunsmith of Williamsburg- the Shirt was made for Wallace Gusler when he was hired at Williamsburg in 1963, it was made at the Colonial Williamsburg Boot and Shoe Shop. Wallace wore it many times hunting with the Boys from Glenvar Hollow, as seen in Gary Brumfields' pictures on his website. The shirt has 4 handmade  polished antler buttons. It remains in very good condition- it was retained from Wallace in Nov 13th 2001. The powder horn is by Steve Boyleston, it is the Seige of Boston horn by Andrew Clark made February 21, 1776, The Horn is 17 1/2 inches long. The horn strap was made from horse straps from the 1870's. 2 were made from the strap, the other was used an a horn for Gordon Barlow. The westkit was made in Kentucky in mid 60's and all handmade pewter buttons. This is a very nice complimentary set.

Gary Brumfield supplied photos of Wallace shooting the movie rifle, they were out takes from the movie. Thanks Gary for the photos. Copy and additional photos from Steve Boyleston.

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