Friday, July 29, 2011

Jim Kibler for Mike Wilson

This summer I ordered a .54 caliber wood patch box flintlock from Jim Kibler, and he said it would take about two years. He e-mailed me a few months ago and he said he would have one ready in October. He asked if I wanted it, and I said, “Sure!” I do not what happened, but I am tickled to death. The photos were taken at an original log cabin built in the mid 1870s, and a few were taken behind the log cabin beside a REAL working out house. 

Jim said the overall stock architecture and rifle design is a compellation of his own ideas and work produced by Lancaster and Moravian gunsmiths. This rifle might represent a piece produced during the 1770’s time period. The rifle is stocked in relatively straight grain maple. The 54 caliber barrel was produced by Rice Barrels and lock is a modified Jim Chambers Early Ketland. The rifle decoration is loosely based on work by Moravian gunsmiths working in Pennsylvania and North Carolina during the 1760’s-1770’s. Wood surfaces of this rifle were created using very little abrasive paper, but rather relying on careful chisel, file and scraper work. This produces a surface which is very representative of period work. Overall the rifle has been finished with a slight patina, representing a used but well cared for piece. 

Copy by Mike Wilson with supplied photos.  Link to The AK Forum sent by Chris Barker.

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