Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tom Condé Fingerwoven Slitpouch for Nathan Kobuck

My version of an 18th century slitpouch from Saffron Walden Museum in England. These bags small bags were carried over the poderhorn or the belt and were used in place of a shotbag. Constructed like a small "market wallet", with an opening in the center. When the pouch is draped over a belt or horn it creates 2 compartments for items. Woven with very fine yarns as were most all originals. 100 strands were used to create this pouch which is slightly less than 4" wide. The fine yarn size is easily seen when comparing the size of the yarn to the diameter of the #8 beads. Using very small yarns like were used in originals, plus weaving the beads in as was done on originals, allows items to be reproduced without 'downsizing'  or altering the pattern or altering the dimensions of the piece to any degree.  Dyed with madder root and backed with braintan deer. The woven portion of the piece is 13.5" by 3.75". 

Copy and photos supplied by Tom Condé.

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