Saturday, December 18, 2010

"Run Around Sue" by Roy Stroh

The Travel Rifle...named "Run Around Sue". It sports a 40" .62 swamped rifled barrel donated by Charles Burton, Chambers lock, curly maple stock and brass furniture. The thimbles and patch box were handmade by me. This is a gun that is meant to travel and to go on many hunting trips and shoots. I built this for my friends and special people to have a turn at borrowing and using, pictures and stories will be requested from hunts and shoots this gun is used on, good and bad. After many hunting trips it will be placed up for auction and all 100% of the proceeds will be donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. This has been an idea I have been thinking about for a while now and the rifle is now completed, ready for use. It is my hope is sees much of the country in the hands of many different people.

Copy and photos supplied by Roy Stroh.


  1. I was the second lucky guy to get to take Sue hunting. She's a real beauty and packs a wallop!
    We took a nice Whitetail doe at 125 yards. Then I blew it when we got an opportunity for a big Illinois buck. No fault of Sue's... buck fever got me...
    Thank You Roy, for the chance to use such an outstanding piece of art on my deer hunt this year. Donating the proceeds to St. Judes after she is sold is also a very nice thing to do.
    Jethro (aka Jim Green)

  2. I was the lucky guy who got to take Sue on page 3 of her journey. We hunted wild pigs near my home in Winton, California. We managed to harvest a large sow on day three of hunting.

    Sue is a pretty girl but built for hunting. She's a pleasure to shoot.

    Thanks, Roy for including me in Sue's travels. I love the idea of a traveling rifle and giving to St. Jude's.

    Grey Whiskers (AKA Lon Baugh)

  3. Beautiful rifle and great idea. Very generous, and St. Jude's is worthy of your donation. They saved the life of the grandaughter of friends of ours.

    Will keep an eye out for the auction and put in a bid. Can't wait.