Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hunting Pouch by Ken Scott and Shawn Webster

This pouch is the collaboration of Ken Scott and Shawn Webster. Shawn and I had originally done a series of ten pouches. We have now completed 7 of another series.

I design the pouch, through conversations with Shawn we decide what style of quill work will adorn the pouch. Shawn either provides the leather of I send him a hide that I have. He adds the quill work, send the pieces back to me. I trim the leather and assemble the pouch and then add my antique tough to it. This pouch body is brain tanned deer skin. the flap is an actual beavertail. Quill work accents the pouch bidy and flap. the top of the flap is also accented with copper cones and red horsehair.

Copy and Photo supplied by Ken Scott

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