Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gold Letter Knife and Map Glass by David Crisalli

This is a nautical motif desk set consisting of a letter opening knife and a map or reading glass. All the metal parts are made entirely of gold. The blade of the letter knife is six inches long and is made of a very tough 14 karat spring gold alloy. The magnifying glass is four inches in diameter. All the metal parts other than the knife blade are solid 18 karat gold. The grips are turned elephant ivory and the gold ferrules are set on both ends with alternating emeralds and diamonds. The carving of the world globe on the end of the grip is supported on the tails of three small dolphins and is hollow. It is filled with water from the Seven Seas (Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic, Mediterranean, Caribbean, and Gulf of Mexico) and is sealed with a bezel set diamond. I am still working on the ivory and gold ink well that will complete the set.

Copy and photos supplied by David Crisalli.

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