Sunday, June 7, 2009

Jim Chambers Flintlocks' 1st Annual Rifle Kit Assembly and Relief Carving Classes

The classes were taught by Jim Chambers and Jim Klein with a few other special guests helping out along the way. The Rifle Kit Class instructors assisted the students in assembling a functional Chambers rifle kit while the Carving Class instructors taught techniques and skills needed to adorn your longrifles with traditional designs.

The classes were from Sunday, May 17th at 4pm through Friday, May 22nd at 5pm. There were 12 students in the class.

There was a class Cook-Out on Wednesday evening, Barbie cooked a good-ole Southern meal of fresh smoked bar-b-que with all the fixin’s. Some of those who attended the cookout were Earl Lanning, Bud and Dottie Siler, L.C. Rice (former owner of L&R Lock Co. who now works full time for Jim) and his wife, Liston Rice and Jason Snyder (owners of the Rice Barrel Co.), Doug Arrowood (wood carver)and his wife, and all of the students and the wives who came with them.

Thursday afternoon Doug Arrowood came over and gave a demonstration on tool sharpening which all the students really enjoyed and needed. Earl came back on Friday and had lunch with us.

For more information about additional classes send an email from the webpage at Or you can give Jim or Barbie a call at the shop anytime Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm (828) 667-8361.

Photos and information supplied by Jim Chambers.

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