Monday, February 2, 2009

Splendid Heritage

The primary goal of the Splendid Heritage site is educational and attempts to document and share the objects that are found in a number of superb private collections of American Indian Art.

Currently, five collections are represented:Warnock Collection, Fenn Collection, Nagy Collection, Kinker Collection, Fry Collection.

Category: Tomahawk

Region: Northeast

Tribe: Northeast

Period: 1775-1800

Materials: Iron blade; maple wood; silver

Description: Hand forged iron tomahawk with elongated spike projecting behind eye. Handle is wrapped with silver bands. Blade is decorated with stamped markings.

Dimensions: Length 17 inches 43.2 cm; Width 8 inches 20.3 cm.

Category: Bag

Region: Northeast

Tribe: Great Lakes - Eastern Great Lakes, Ojibwa-Chippewa?

Period: 1800-1825

Materials: Wool yarn - olive, orange, black; white glass pony beads; dyed porcupine quills; native tanned hide; cotton cloth (lining).

Description: Rectangular shaped bag with attached carrying strap. Bag and strap are finger woven (oblique interlace) yarn with pony beads integrated during the weaving to produce a wave or zigzag design on one side and a central diamond with radiating lines on the opposing side.

Dimensions: Length 16.5 inches 42 cm., Width 8.25 inches 21 cm.

This site was found when Art was looking at the links on Ward Oles' site At the Eastern Door.

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  1. Does anyone know where all of the objects are that once accompanied this pouch? In the March '81 issue of "The Magazine Antiques" is a photo of this pouch along with a quilled handled pipe tomahawk, a matching quilled knife sheath and knife, a bone whistle and a black stone headed war pipe and stem. The tomahawk has an engraved date of 1759. This set was owned by a NYC merchant and fur trader.