Saturday, April 26, 2008

Steven Lalioff

These photos are of the fort, Camp Dubois, Steven built (2002-2003) in Illinois at the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. It is based upon Richard Guthrie's interpretation of the notes left us by William Clark, circa 1803, of the camp/fort built by the Corps of Discovery at the onset of the first leg of the voyage of Lewis & Clark and the Corps of Discovery. The men spent the most time at this camp, about 5 months. Steven was commissioned to build this fort for the State of Illinois in honor of the bicentennial of the Corps voyage. The top photo is a long view of the entire fort complex. 5 log buildings contained withing a log palisade. This summer he will be building the Lewis & Clark museum one more log cabin outside the fort walls to represent the washer woman's cabin.

Photo by Karen Abercrombie.

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  1. I'm surprised that I haven't gotten any more orders for one of these! I can add a garage and car port if that's what's holding folks back.